The 6 Tools

  • 1 Dialogue
  • 2 Student moderated group discussion
  • 3 Teaching questionnaire
  • 4 Teaching reflection
  • 5 Collegial coaching
  • 6 Own tool

1 Dialogue

The dialogue is a personal conversation between teachers and students. It is prepared individually with the following catalog of statements.

Recommended talk duration : 40 minutes.

Video Dialogueenglish subtitles

2 Student moderated group discussion

Two student facilitators conduct a prepared group discussion with students only and report the results to the teachers.

To use the Student moderated group discussion, lecturers please contact Peter Knodt directly via Mail:

Video Student moderated group discussionenglish subtitles

3 Teaching questionnaire

The questionnaire uses tick-box scales and is supplemented by individual text statements about the lessons. It is filled out by the students.

Video Teaching questionnaireenglish subtitles

4 Teaching reflection

The questionnaire offers the lecturers impulses to reflect on their own teaching.

Video Teaching reflectionenglish subtitles

5 Collegial coaching

Two lecturers teach in team or co-teaching. They plan and or reflect on the lessons together.

Video Collegial coachingenglish subtitles

6 Own tool

Your own tool is tailor-made for your specific knowledge interests in teaching.

Video Own toolenglish subtitles