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4th training day on September 28, 2024 at the Campus Musik Akademie

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Here you will find information and documents to support you in your commitment to improve your teaching.

With teaching development, we aim at both the continuous process of personal improvement and the collective development of our teaching as a whole.

In addition, teaching development is an integral part of our collective culture development process.

Video impulses psychology with Giselle Reimann

With these videos we offer short content impulses on the three psychological topics projection, transference and drama triangle.

Short Explanatory videos about the tools

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Furthermore, all teachers HSM are obliged to carry out at least one selfevaluation of their teaching per training year and to submit it by June 28, 2024 at the latest. The management colleagues responsible for the employee appraisals receive the following information:

  • Report made or not.
  • Choice of tools


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